Episode Info Episode #159 - Season 7, Episode 15

First Aired: February 26, 1989


Jennifer is writing a play about the final days of Richard Nixon's presidency.  (Elyse thinks it's a comedy.)  Mallory wants to buy a car, but Steven won't co-sign the loan for her because she has plans to travel cross-country with Nick (if she has the car).  Mallory (and Nick) give him the silent treatment and decide to find another way to get a car.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Alex mistakes a tape recording of Richard Nixon for the real man
  • Alex has to choose between Nixon and Reagan as his favorite
  • Andy gives a great (though tentative at times) plea for the family needing another car


  • The play is entitled: Ain't Misbehavin' - All Right, Maybe I Am
  • Andy says August 11, 2003 will be a Wednesday.  It was actually a Monday.
  • Mallory sets her sights on a blue Karmann Ghia

That was not a Camaro he fell out of

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