Until he settles down a little, Alex has a number of love interests

Episode Girlfriend
Pilot Kimberly Blanton
Summer of '82 Stephanie Brooks (a college student)
Sherry Baby

Sherry Marshall (against his wishes)

Lisa (another member of the sorority)

I Gotta Be Ming Suzie Farkas (Jill, Linda, and Brenda also mentioned)
Tender is the Knight Carrie Newman (an old sweetheart)
The Homecoming Inga ... something (date for Homecoming Dance)
This Year's Model Alex does his best to meet one of the models.
Speed Trap Effie Blatts (in exchange for the pills)
Sweet Lorraine Lorraine Ferrar (much older than Alex)
Ladies' Man Deena Marx (he supports the ERA to impress her)
Double Date Two dates to the prom - Jocelyn Clark (who Alex wants to ask, but who rejects him) and Rachel Miller (who Alex later asks also).  Jocelyn comes back later asking Alex (he accepts).
The Graduate Rachel Miller (though she mentions several others)
Diary of a Young Girl Melanie Parker
Fabric Smarts Mallory had apparently set Alex up with the Fergus twins (though Alex claims one of them was a guy)
4 Rms Ocn Vu Alex expects a visit from Monica Dillon
Lost Weekend Suzie Farkas
Don't Kiss Me, I'm Only the Messenger Jane (though it's Skippy who really likes her)
Karen II, Alex 0 Suzie Farkas
Birth of a Keaton (Part I) Francine Wilcox (a study date)
Cold Storage Lisa Tobin (next door to Grandma's house)

The Real Thing

Don't Go Changin'

My Tutor

Nothing But a Man

Where's Poppa


A Word to the Wise

Teacher's Pet

Paper Chase

It's My Party

Ellen Reed
Starting Over Sharon McElroy
The Freshman and the Senior Steven mentions Julie Barr as a possible date
Matchmaker Tracey

Last of the Red Hot Psychologists

The Other Woman

Super Mom

Invasion of the Psychologist Snatchers

Citizen Keaton

The American Family

Miracle in Columbus

The Blues Brother

Quitting Time

It Happened One Night

Beyond Therapy


My Best Friend's Girl

Lauren Miller

They Can't Take That Away From Me

Lauren Miller

Marty Brodie (Alex falls in love with her while Lauren is away)

It's My Party It is mentioned that he once dated Sharon Webster
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