Episode Info

Episode #168 - Season 7, Episode 24

First Aired: May 14, 1989


Andy is in a play at school about dental hygiene (he plays the permanent molar).  Alex is excited to hear that he got the job at an investment firm in New York City.  Elyse is concerned by the speed at which the whole move is happening.  The girls and Steven each measure Alex's room to see how much more space they'll have once he leaves.

Alex says his goodbyes to Skippy, Nick, and Lauren.  Tension between Alex and Elyse boils over, mostly stemming from his departure and his attitude toward the family.  During Andy's show, Elyse daydreams about Alex, but doesn't find peace.  The two have an emotional talk and come to terms with their new normal in life.



  • Terry Wills appears in one of his seven episodes of the show.
  • Steven's advice for Alex: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" (Hamlet , William Shakespeare ); "A penny saved is a penny earned" (attributed to Ben Franklin ); and "Don't lose your passion, and, more importantly, don't lose your keys."
  • Alex asks Jen what number 74.9 is the cube root of.  He gives her five minutes to calculate.  She almost immediately answers 400,189.75.  The answer is actually 420,189.749
  • Alex has a beautiful picture of a space shuttle launch over the head of his bed (and it appears to be autographed all around the bottom).  It has, apparently, replaced the picture of William F. Buckley that appeared there in "How Do You Sleep? ".
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