Episode InfoEdit

Episode #161 and 162 - Season 7, Episodes 17 and 18

First Aired: March 12 and March 19, 1989


Part I - When Steven's co-worker, Gus, and his family want to move into the neighborhood, the real estate agent reacts negatively, and then some of the neighbors also express their feelings.  Steven calls a neighborhood meeting to discuss the problem.

Part II -  The Thompsons have to decide whether or not to leave the neighborhood.  Gus wants to stay, but his wife and son think it best to move.  Before they leave, their house is vandalized, and the police are called in.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • The kids react to an apple pie
  • Alex thinks it might be best for Steven to live in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood .(and Steven sings the theme song).  Later they add the song "Blowin' in the Wind ".
  • The kids at the table predict their parents words and actions.
  • Running gag: "Whits Only"
  • Alex and Andy have a great conversation in the kitchen (Part II).


  • Tragically, the three actors portraying the Thompson family all passed away less than ten years after this two-part episode aired: burly John Hancock died of a heart attack at 51 in October 1992, feisty Rosalind Cash succumbed to cancer at 56 in October 1995, and promising young actor Keith Amos was felled by a severe asthma attack at only 36 in November 1998.
  • Production assistant Robert Schanche appears in this episode.
  • John Hancock reprises his role as Gus Thompson.  Rosalind Cash plays his wife Maya.
  • The plot seems unbelievable (even in 1989), but it was (and still is) probably more common than we might believe.
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