Episode Info Episode #132 - Season 6, Episode 14

First Aired: December 16, 1987


Steven and Elyse are getting ready for their twentieth wedding anniversary.  However, while they plan, it appears that their lives (and the house!) are falling apart.  Jennifer calls a family meeting to help resolve all the fighting in the house.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • A discussion of fishballs (between Elyse and a soaked Steven)
  • Alex gets some great candid shots of Steven and Elyse at the party.



  • This episode was filmed during Season Two (1983), though Elyse says 1964 was twenty years ago (she's obviously rounding off).
  • The kids see a picture of Vic Damone in an album.
  • In a definite non-sequiter, Mallory mentions Albert Einstein.
  • What is Jennifer wearing at the family meeting?  (It's fancy, but definitely not stylish.)
  • Jennifer mentions Ozzie and Harriet .
  • At the party, Jennifer and Mallory are dancing, and Mallory says, "You dance divinely" (a famous quote from the 1954 movie On the Waterfront ).
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