Episode InfoEdit

Episode #86 - Season 4, Episode 19

First Aired: February 20, 1986


WKS is having an auction to raise money.  A wealthy and beautiful older woman, Victoria Hurstenberg (played by Christine Belford), takes a special interest in Nick's artistic creations, and Mallory wonders what her true motive is.  Meanwhile, Alex's painting "Horsey and Ducky - A Barnyard Eviction", though originally rejected, brings some much-needed money into the station.  Mallory, in her jealousy, attends the art auction to see what's going on behind the scenes with Nick and Victoria.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Elyse considers putting Alex's painting from kindergarten in the auction to raise funds for WKS.  Steven thinks it's simplistic, but Elyse explains Alex's five-year-old view on economics.  Alex declares the painting from his "Fiscal-Surrealist Period".


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