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Episode #59 - Season 3, Episode 15

First Aired: January 10, 1985

Title:  A play on the poker phrase "Ante Up".


Aunt Trudy (played by Edith Atwater) is visiting and has always had a special connection with Mallory.  They go to the ballet to see Swan Lake.  Trudy counsels Mallory on what's important as a teenager.  She has chest pains in the living room and Mallory and Skippy take her to the hospital, where she dies.  The Keatons open their home for condolence calls and get some unusual visitors.  Mallory strongly expresses her grief at the funeral.


  • Trudy lets it slip that Alex was a terrible tap dancer when he was a kid.
  • Trudy Harris was Steven's aunt.
  • Mr. Cromwell (played by Matthew Faison), finding out there is no garage sale, hands a sandwich to Jennifer who noticeably drops it.  And then as Mrs. Cromwell (played by Bernadette Birkett) re-enters the room, Jennifers looks down at the sandwich as if thinking it might interfere with Mrs. Cromwell's movement.
  • Guest star Alan Blumenfeld plays several roles in seven different episodes.
  • Meredith Baxter Birney does not appear in this episode.  (see explanation).
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