Episode InfoEdit

Episode #41 - Season 2, Episode 19

First Aired: March 8, 1984

Title:  The name given to Skippy on his adoption papers.


Jennifer is going off for three weeks at Camp Winnetka.  Skippy finds out that he was adopted and faces a crisis about finding his birth parents.  The Handelmans (played by Raleigh Bond and Lois De Banzie) seek advice from Steven and Elyse on the matter.  They decide to tell Skippy where his birth mother Elizabeth (played by Garn Stephens) lives.  Alex drives him to Dayton, where he learns the circumstances behind his birth and subsequent adoption.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Elizabeth had hoped for a better life for Skippy than she could have given him.  She wanted him to have a dog, to which Skippy said he didn't have a dog, but he did have a sister.  Elizabeth thought that was even better.  Skippy replies, "I'd rather have a dog." (And think of his sister Arlene that we meet in "Batter Up".
  • Skippy asks Alex, "How would you feel if you found out that your mom and dad aren't your natural parents?"  Alex replies, "It would explain a lot of inconsistencies in my family."


  • Parts of this episode are used as a flashback in "The American Family".
  • Skippy makes reference to the TV Miniseries "Roots" (from 1977) by saying he'd need to go to Africa to find his family.  Alex reassures him that not all people's roots are found in Africa.
  • Jennifer leaves wearing a "Camp Winnetka" shirt and Elyse (presumably in support) wears a "Camp Dartmouth" shirt.
  • Skippy's favorite sandwiches are peanut butter and carrot.
  • Skippy's middle initial is N.
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