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Episode #110 - Season 5, Episode 20

First Aired: February 26, 1987

Title:  A play on the album and song by Paul McCartney & Wings.


Alex grudgingly allows Jennifer's band, "The Permanent Waves", to audition for the Homecoming dance at Leland.  Alex prefers a polka band, but "The Permanent Waves" wins popular support.  Alex convinces the band that with his management, they can become stars.  Only he demands changes in the band's dress, music, and names (Mallory suggests "The Leg Warmers" while Alex selects "The Swinging Corporate Raiders").  They set out on a tour of northeast Ohio (Toledo and Cleveland), and get highly favorable reviews, but the band wants to return to its own style and music.  Alex and Jennifer talk it over, and the episode ends with the band performing a catchy pop hit.

Meanwhile, Mallory's school project has Steven searching for his clothes all over the house (including the front porch).


This episode has two similarities to Michael J. Fox's movie Back to the Future

  • Jennifer's bands tryout is similar to Marty McFly's tryout (though Jennifer's band is accepted)
  • The episode features "The Swinging Corporate Raiders" singing "Mr. Sandman", a song heard in the movie

Other members of The Permanent Waves are played by Christina Applegate and Rain-bow Phoenix (sister of River, Joaquin, Summer, and Liberty) and less-well known Margaret Nagle.

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