Episode InfoEdit

Episode #30 - Season 2, Episode 8

First Aired: November 30, 1983


Jennifer's softball team (The Leopards - coached by Alex) is having trouble.  The starting pitcher is moving out of town and will miss the playoffs.  Three others come down with the flu (apparently from some wild pajama party).  Alex tries to get Jennifer to ask Arlene to play on the softball team.  Jennifer gives her extra practice, but Arlene gets hurt in the process (sort of on purpose by Jennifer).

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Mallory tells Alex that baseball's only a game, to which Alex replies, "You know, that's exactly how the Russians want us to think." (a Cold War-era statement not common today).
  • Steven says, "Winning isn't everything", to which Alex and Jennifer say simultaneously, "It's the only thing."  (see the history of this statement)
  • Steven makes the assertion that some of the best chefs in the world are men, and when questioned by Alex to name one, all he can come up with is Chef Boyardee, Uncle Ben, and General Mills.
  • Both Steven and Alex are pushed into the refrigerator when Arlene opens the kitchen door forcefully.


  • Part of this episode is featured in the opening credits (Season 2) - Jennifer dressed in softball uniform being hugged by family (apparently edited out of the episode).
  • The only appearance of Skippy's sister, Arlene (played by Tanya Fenmore), who Jennifer doesn't like.  She is mentioned again in "Baby Boy Doe".
  • Alex jokes about cutting back on the team's steroids (though it wasn't then, this is a really sore subject in baseball nowadays).
  • Elyse and Steven compare Arlene and Jennifer to Johnny Bench and Dave Concepcion, respectively.
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