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Episode Info[]

Episode #109, Season 5, Episode 19

First Aired: February 19, 1987


An episode featuring many flashbacks in an effort to teach Andrew the proper way for men and women to treat each other.



  • "Lost Weekend" - Steven and Alex spend time together at home, while Elyse takes the girls to a mountain cabin.
  • "Mr. Wrong" - The Keatons first meet Mallory's boyfriend Nick.
  • "Ladies' Man" - Alex tries to impress a girl by supporting the ERA movement, something in which he has no real interest.
  • "Love Thy Neighbor" - Jennifer is jealous when an old friend, Scott, shows more interest in Mallory than in her.
  • "This Year's Model" - Elyse and Mallory have disagreements about Elyse's role in the "Proper Penguin" commercial
  • "Go Tigers" - Mallory ruins Alex's interview at Princeton.
  • "The Fifth Wheel" - Jennifer is upset because she thinks Alex and Mallory are ignoring her.