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"Be True to Your Preschool" is the first episode in the fifth season of the NBC family sitcom Family Ties. It originally aired on September 25, 1986, and is the ninety-third episode of the series overall.


Alex visits Andrew's preschool and, convinced he's learning the wrong values, withdraws him from school.


Steven and Elyse enroll Andrew in preschool, but when Alex discovers the principles of sharing and cooperation that are taught at the school, he takes exception. He decides to teach Andrew what he needs to know to succeed in real life.



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  • Alex wonders if one of Andrew's favorite subjects might be Supply-Side Economics.
  • Alex dresses Andrew for corporate success (suit and tie with a briefcase) and then when he learns that the preschool wants him to share, Alex puts a sign on Andy's shirt: "I know what's mine"
  • Elyse tells Alex: "One of the objectives of the school is to teach kids that sharing is fun.  So everything's shared equally.  All the toys in the room belong to the group and they're considered communal property."  To which Alex replies, "What is this?  The Karl Marx Preschool?"
  • Alex helps to teach the class about business.  When one of the girls suggest they sell turtles, Alex scoffs, "Turtles?  The turtle market's been depressed since '81."


  • Parts of this episode are used as a flashback in "The American Family".
  • The Keatons have orange juice, but not in the typical pitcher.
  • Andrew (so quickly-grown-up since last season) is enrolled at Harper Preschool that Steven sought information about in "Teacher's Pet".