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Episode Info[]

Episode #95 - Season 5, Episode 5

First Aired: October 30, 1986


Alex takes a job as a bank intern and unknowingly has a patronizing attitude toward his female boss Rebecca (played by Melinda Culea).  Alex tells his family that having a female boss is not a problem, but ... she definitely takes him to task.  When he finally gets in line with Rebecca's wishes, she compliments him and Alex begins to think there is a romantic attraction between them.  They set some ground rules for the future and continue to share their love of money.

Funny Moments[]

  • Alex jumps into Steven's arms.


  • The title is a reference to the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast".
  • Rebecca says that she could play chess better than Alex.
  • Alan Blumenfeld appears in one of seven episodes of the show.
  • Melinda Culea also appears in the two-part "A Tale of Two Cities".