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Episode Info[]

Episode 53 - Season 3, Episode 9

First Aired: November 15, 1984


Alex's friend Doug has met a girl, Eleanor Lee (played by Lily Mariye) and is foregoing activities with Alex to be with her.  And if Doug and Alex are together, he brings Eleanor along.  And to mess with Alex's plans even more, Doug announces that he and Eleanor are getting married, and he wants Alex to be the best man.  Alex is, however, heartily opposed to the marriage.  Eleanor tries to get Alex to reconsider coming to the wedding.  Alex shows up, but the ceremony turns out quite unconventional.

Movies Mentioned[]


  • Alex's friend Doug is played by a young Timothy Busfield, an Emmy-winning actor.
  • Alex mentions the "Third Annual Milton Friedman Lecture"  Presumably it was the "First Annual" event that Alex attended with Stephanie Brooks in "Summer of '82" (during Season 1)
  • Elyse isn't as pregnant as one might expect.  However, according to the order in which the episodes were shot, it is probably about right.
  • Doug says he's going to earn extra money recycling aluminum cans (so 1980s).
  • Flaum (played by Michael Zorek), who appears here and in "Starting Over", is wearing a Kenyon College t-shirt (a college in Ohio).  Interestingly, Zorek also played in Teen Wolf Too (the sequel that starred Jason Bateman, Justine's brother, rather than Michael J. Fox, who starred in the original  Teen Wolf).