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Episode Info[]

Episode #148 - Season 7, Episode 4

First Aired: November 27, 1988


Mallory takes up Tarot card reading.  After Lauren doesn't enjoy Alex's economics picnic and feels she can't relate to Alex anymore, she persuades him to join a group for therapy.  They meet some interesting characters there, but Alex has difficulty opening up and leaves the group.  Then at the next session, Lauren has trouble confronting her issues.

Funny Moments[]

  • After Steven reveals his cards in the poker match, Andy is seen leaning on Nick's knee, at least until he pushes Andy off.
  • In every scene she appears in, Jennifer is asked to leave the room because the conversation is personal.
  • As an example of complex relationships, Nick and Mallory sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm ",


  • Mallory sees Kitty Dukakis in her Tarot cards as a distraught woman (her husband recently lost the 1988 election)
  • A young Stephen Baldwin plays one of the men in therapy.