Episode InfoEdit

Episode #33 - Season 2, Episode 11

First Aired: January 5, 1984


Against his mother's wishes, Alex goes with his friends to a bar in West Virginia to celebrate his 18th birthday.  Posing as Air Force pilots preparing for battle, they attract women to enjoy the celebration with them.  Elyse drives to the bar and "forcibly extracts" him from the festivities.  Once home, Alex and his mother have a talk about their new roles as Alex becomes an adult.

Funny MomentsEdit

Elyse: I think it's a shame that you're gonna be in Washington on Alex's birthday.

Steven:  Well, at least I was with Alex on Washington's birthday.

_____________________________________________________ Alex's date:  What country are you attacking?

Alex:  Oh, uh, Canada.

Alex's date:  We're not at war with Canada. ... Wait, are we?


Alex: We can talk about this later.  Tomorrow morning.

Elyse:  You're invading Canada tomorrow morning!



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