Episode InfoEdit

Episode #65 - Season 3, Episode 21

First Aired: February 21, 1985

Title:  A play on the 1938 film "Bringing Up Baby".


Steven and Elyse haven't found a lot of time together with all the pressures of the new baby.  They try to found more time to be together alone.  Meanwhile Alex and Jennifer are in competition over phone usage.  A dinner at a nice restaurant is supposed to be a diversion, but their attention keeps going back to Andrew.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Steven and Elyse play a very funny game of trying to find one another.


  • Elyse never completely hangs up the phone, but when it rings again and Jennifer comes rushing into the bedroom, the phone is hung up and turned from its previous position.
  • When Steven and Elyse go to dinner alone, Steven leaves Alex with a list of people to call in case of emergency.  The last name on the list is Senator Howard Metzenbaum (from Ohio).  It's not surprising that Steven would pick a liberal politician.
  • Usually at the end of episodes, the audience claps.  In this episode, Steven and Elyse have fallen asleep in bed, and there is only a clap or two, as if out of respect for their sleep.
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