Chess makes its appearance in at least five episodes of Family Ties

  • "French Lessons" - Steven challenges Alex, insisting he will beat him this time.
  • "Ready or Not" - One scene with Alex pulling a quick checkmate.
  • "Lost Weekend" - Steven and Alex play, but Alex loses intentionally so he can go on a date.  This scene is shown in a later flashback episode as well - "Battle of the Sexes".
  • "Checkmate" - Alex plays with a visiting Russian champion.
  • "4 Rms Ocn Vu" - Skippy has tickets to the NCAA Chess Semifinals and wants to invite Mallory.
  • "Keaton vs. Keaton" - Nick and Jennifer are playing (with Andy helping Nick)
  • "Father Time" (Part II) - Andy and Jonathan play (off camera)
  • "Designing Woman " - Alex (just about) loses to Jennifer
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