Episode InfoEdit

Episode #63 - Season 3, Episode 19

First Aired: February 7, 1985


Steven is eager to get pictures of the family with the new baby.  Jennifer is extremely jealous (with bad attitude) about all the attention Andrew is getting.  And Andrew's crying during the night affects the whole family's sleeping patterns.  The family tries to spend more time with Jennifer, but, of course, Andrew's needs come first.


  • The family (minus Jennifer) sings to help Andrew sleep.  Mallory suggests they try "Let's Go Crazy" (though Mallory says "Let's Get Crazy") by Prince.  They finally settle on "Down by the Old Mill Stream" (now a barbershop quartet standard, notice Alex and Steven singing the low notes).

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Elyse and Steven are asleep at the kitchen table and Alex and Mallory have prepared French toast.  Steven tries to get Elyse interested by saying, "French toast", to which she replies "Vive la France!".  Steven says, "No, Elyse.  Not a French toast.  French toast..."
  • Alex thinks Jennifer just needs a gesture of love and suggests their parents give her $100.  Mallory think leg warmers (a 1980s fad) would be a better choice.


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