Episode InfoEdit

Episode #113 - Season 5, Episode 23

First Aired: March 20, 1987


Alex agrees to prepare Nick's past tax returns in order to keep him out of jail.  Jennifer plays dumb in order to attract a baseball player named Tim Higgins (played by Wil Wheaton), but their relationship affects their science grades (and Tim's place on the team).  Jennifer eventually comes clean about her intelligence, and the two work together to get Tim back on the baseball team.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Andy asks Tim, "Are the boy my sister loves?
  • Alex introduces the idea of depreciation, which Nick is clearly unaware of.  Andy (dressed like Alex) enlightens him: "Allowance made ... for a loss ... in value of property."  [with a knowing blink of the eyes at the end]
  • Mallory thinks it's so romantic when Jennifer and Tim flunk their science project together.  (In Mrs. Wrong, Jennifer thinks it's romantic that Mallory and Nick elope).
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