Episode InfoEdit

Episode #153 - Season 7, Episode 9

First Aired: January 8, 1989


Jennifer has a new boyfriend, Josh (played by Byron Thames ), whose brother, Jeff, used to date Mallory.  And he carries after his brother in many ways.  Mallory is concerned that Josh might hurt Jennifer (like Jeff hurt Mallory), but Jennifer doesn't want to hear it.  Meanwhile, Steven is ordered to adopt a hobby to ease his daily life.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Steven's "I Hate Hobbies" cut-out
  • Lots of J's between Mallory and Elyse
  • Nick's grasp of French (and other social etiquette)


  • Josh's brother, Jeff, was Mallory's boyfriend during Seasons 1 and 2.  "French Lessons ", "The Fifth Wheel ", "The Homecoming ", and "Go Tigers "
  • While gluing a train set building, Steven's watch appears to read 3:15,
  • A scarf that Elyse is wearing switches from the back to the front (and, no pun intended, back again).
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