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Episode 55 - Season 3, Episode 11

First Aired: November 29, 1984

Title:  A play on the popular phrase, "Don't Kill Me, I'm Only the Messenger."


Elyse is flying off to Michigan to a convention for female architects.  Mallory's friend Jane (played by Michelle Meyrink) comes over for the afternoon, and Skippy falls instantly in love.  He wants Alex to talk to her for him, and Mallory can't understand why he likes Jane.  Jane then mistakes Alex's conversation with her as a desire to be with her himself.  Alex then has to hide this relationship from Skippy.  Skippy finds out the truth and has only his turtles to tell.


  • Parts of this episode are used as a flashback in "Wrap Around the Clock".
  • Two episodes in a row, a blue lamp gets broken, this time by Skippy.  See also the previous episode, "Lost Weekend".
  • Steven cooks "Soybeans Rockefeller" for dinner.
  • Two Canadians having a conversation (Michael J. Fox and Michelle Meyrink).  Unfortunately, Jane mistakes Alex's inquiry on Skippy's behalf as a inquiry on his own behalf.
  • The couple at the next table in Guido's is very interested in what's happening at Alex, Jane, and Skippy's table.  Of course, Skippy gives them lots of reason to be.
  • For whatever reason, Skippy has a large picture of Gerald Ford on his bedroom wall.
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