Episode InfoEdit

Episode #64 - Season 3, Episode 20

First Aired: February 14, 1985

Title:  A play on the song lyrics of "(What A) Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke.


Steven and Elyse are going to buy a new car that will be better for their new bigger family.  Alex and James (played by Jeffrey Joseph) are starting a tutorial service (but can't decide whose name goes first).  While interviewing prospective clients, both fall for Robin Green (played by Nancy Everhard), and their natural competition flares up.  When James asks her out first, Alex becomes jealous and attempts to interfere in their date at a poetry reading.  She can't stand their immaturity and competitiveness and leaves them both.

Funny MomentsEdit

  •  The poet, Zane Axelrod (played by David Wohl), is described as " of the best and most incomprehensible poets of his generation."  He reads a poem entitled: "The Nuclear Holocaust and You - A Christmas Poem".


  • Production assistant Robert Schanche appears in this episode. 
  • Jeffrey Joseph first played the role of James Jarrett in "Hotline Fever".
  • Jennifer also wrote a poem about nuclear war in "Double Date".
  • James and Alex used to play on a little league team sponsored by Wilson's House of Fine Lingerie.
  • David Wohl appears in four different episodes.
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