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Episode Info[]

Episode #122 - Season 6, Episode 4

First Aired: October 4, 1987


Jennifer uses a nerdy boy (played by Jason Naylor) who has a crush on her as a stepping stone to win the heart of a teen heartthrob (played by Tony Crane).  Unfortunately, Roger is not at all interested in Jennifer (and he and his date would rather make fun of Simon).

Funny Moments[]

  • Alex reads to Andy from the "I Love Republicans Pop-Up Book" (with a close-up of George Shultz)
  • Three times is Simon asked, "Didn't I beat you last week?" (Brad, Roger, and Roger's girlfriend)


  • Parts of this episode are used as flashbacks in "Wrap Around the Clock".
  • Mallory mentions the restaurant chain Jack in the Box (which indeed has locations in Ohio)
  • Jen bluffs that Anthony Quinn is taking her to the dance.  Steven asks, "Zorba?"
  • Jason Naylor reprises his role as Simon in "Simon Says".