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Episode Info[]

Episode #50 - Season 3, Episode 6

First Aired: October 25, 1984

Title: Alex says that while Mallory does not have "Book Smarts", she instead has "Fabric Smarts".


Mallory is working hard at a clothing store, and her supervisors are noticing.  However, her grades aren't doing as well as she is at the store.  Steven and Elyse tell her she'll have to quit her job.  Alex convinces their parents to give Mallory another chance at the store (provided she can get three Bs on her upcoming midterms).  Alex helps Mallory study, even in the midst of a rush at the store.

Funny Moments[]

  • When trying to convince his parents to let Mallory keep her job, he gets her to admit that she didn't know that her parents expected good grades from her.  She says (very deadpan): "I had no such knowledge."
  • Elyse says that after 20 years of marriage, she can predict exactly what Steven is going to say.  And then she proves it.


  • In "Keaton and Son", Mallory tries to get Alex to work at WKS so that he won't be home as much.  In this episode she tries to get Alex to talk with their parents, with the added bonus to Alex that she won't be home as much.
  • After her second B, Alex introduces Mallory into the kitchen like a prize fighter (from Tenafly, New Jersey) - not sure where the connection comes from.  Perhaps a writer was from there.
  • Elyse suggests Mallory call later "when the rates go down", an idea so common to 1984 and so uncommon in the 21st century of cell phones.