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The third season of Family Ties aired from September 20, 1984 to March 28, 1985 on NBC SAqwrjipwoerf

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Set during the early years of the Reagan administration, Elyse and Steven Keaton (Meredith Baxter-Birney and Michael Gross) are baby-boomers, former Hippies and liberals raising their three children: Alex (Michael J. Fox), Mallory (Justine Bateman) and Jennifer (Tina Yothers) in Suburban Columbus, Ohio. Married in 1964, Elyse, an independen architect, and Steven, a station manager at a local public television, were hippies during the 1960s. According to the episode, "A Christmas Story" in season one, they were influenced by John F. Kennedy and were members of the Peace Corps following their marriage in 1964. Alex was born in 1965 in Africa. Mallory was born while Elyse and Steven were students at the University of California, Berkeley in 1967, and Jennifer was born the night Richard Nixon won his second term in 1972.

Much of the humor of the series was focused on the cultural divide during the 1980s when younger generations rejected the counterculture of the 1960s and embraced the conservative politics which came to define the 1980s. Both Alex and Mallory embrace Reaganomics and exhibit right-wing attitudes: Alex is a Young Republican and Mallory is a more traditional young woman in contrast to her feminist mother. Mallory was also presented as a vacuous airhead, which was fodder for jokes and teasing from her brother Alex. Jennifer, an athletic tomboy and the youngest child, shares the values of her parents and just wants to be a normal kid. Elyse and Steven have a fourth child, Andrew, born in 1984.


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The GamblerEdit

Directed by: Will Mackenize, Written by: Alan Uger & Michael J. Weithorn, Original air date: September 20, 1984, Production code: 046

During an architects' convention in Atlantic City, Elyse succumbs to the lures of gambling. She loses her fight against temptation after trying to persuade Alex not to go into the casino to try his hand at blackjack.

Here We Go AgainEdit

Directed by: Will Mackenzie, Written by: Ruth Bennett & Alan Uger, Original air date: September 27, 1984, Production code: 047

Elyse contracts her doctor as she feels ill and discovers she is pregnant again. The family all feel strongly against it until they realize how good it could be.

Little Man on CampusEdit

Directed by: John Pasquin, Written by: Michael J. Weithorn, Original air date: October 4, 1984, Production code: 050

Alex enters college as a freshman and finds out there is more to college than being smart when faced with a difficult professor.

Love Thy NeighborEdit

Directed by: Will Mackenzie, Written by: Rich Reinhart (story), Alan Uger & Michael J. Weithorn (teleplay), Original air date: October 11, 1984, Production code: 054

To win Scott's attention, Jennifer dresses up in a flirtatious outfit and goes to the restaurant where he is having dinner with Mallory.

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