Alex has a love affair with Economics and Conservative politics.  Here are just a handful of some of his favorite people in Economic Theory and/or Conservatism, in general.

Spiro T. Agnew

(1918 - 1996)

Nixon Vice President

I Gotta Be Ming

Alex wants to name a fish "Agnew" in Higher Love

William F. Buckley, Jr.

(1925 - 2008)

Conservative Author and Commentator How Do You Sleep? (not mentioned, but a big picture on the wall above Alex's bed).
George H.W. Bush (1924 - present)

Republican President


Miracle in Columbus

It Happened One Night


Heartstrings (Part I)

All in the Neighborhood (Part I)

They Can't Take That Away From Me

Gerald Ford

(1913 - 2006)

Republican President

(1974 - 1977)

Don't Kiss Me, I'm Only the Messenger (apparently a favorite of Skippy)

Milton Friedman

(1912 - 2006)


Summer of '82

Best Man

The Blues Brother

Ulysses S. Grant

(1822 - 1885)

Union Civil War General

Republican President (from Ohio)

(1869 - 1877)

(any episode that mentions Grant College)

Alexander Haig

(1924 - 2010)

White House Chief of Staff (under Nixon and Ford)

Secretary of State (under Reagan)

I Gotta Be Ming

Warren G. Harding

(1865 - 1923)

Republican President (from Ohio)

(1921 - 1923)

(any episode that mentions Harding High School)

Herbert Hoover

(1874 - 1964)

Republican President

(1929 - 1933)

Speed Trap

Eliot Janeway


Economist Pilot

John Maynard Keynes

(1883 - 1946)

Henry Kissinger (1923 - present)

Diplomat, Political Scientist

Secretary of State (under Nixon and Ford)

Alex wants to name a fish "Kissinger" in "Higher Love"

Richard Nixon

(1913 - 1994)

Republican President

(1969 - 1974)

I Never Killed for My Father

Big Brother is Watching

Have Gun Will Unravel

A Christmas Story

Speed Trap

A Keaton Christmas Carol

Here We Go Again

Cry Baby

How Do You Sleep? (a mention and a picture)

Where's Poppa?

Paper Chase (Alex's old lunch box)

My Back Pages

Beauty and the Bank

My Brother's Keeper

A Tale of Two Cities

A, My Name is Alex (Part 1) - the lunch box makes another appearance)

Last of the Red Hot Psychologists

Dream Date

The American Family

Miracle in Columbus

Read It and Weep (Part II)

Quitting Time

Heartstrings (Part III)

The Job Not Taken

'Til Her Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away

Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Oliver North

(1943 - )

National Security Council member under Reagan Dream Date

Admiral John Poindexter

(1936 - )

Served under Reagan and H.W. Bush Dream Date

James Danforth Quayle

(1947 - )

Republican Vice President


Truckers (not mentioned by name, but Steven calls him "Dennis the Menace")

Beyond Therapy

Ronald Reagan

(1911 - 2005)

Republican President



A Christmas Story

I Gotta Be Ming

Cold Storage (not mentioned by name, but by the older Keatons' distaste for him)

Designated Hitter

Don't Go Changin'

Once in Love with Elyse

High School Confidential

Keaton vs. Keaton

It's My Party (not named, but obviously referenced)

Last of the Red Hot Psychologists

Dream Date (with Nancy)

The Way We Were

Citizen Keaton

The American Family

Miracle in Columbus

Read It and Weep (Part I)

Quitting Time (Nancy only, Ronnie alluded to)

Father, Can You Spare a Dime?

Designing Woman

Heartstrings (Part I)

'Til Her Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away

All in the Neighborhood (Part I)

Rain Forests Keep Falling on My Head

Theodore Roosevelt

(1858 - 1919)

Republican President (1901 - 1909)

(also founded the Progressive Party also known as the "Bull Moose Party")

Alex speaks to a portrait of him

Little Man on Campus

George P. Shultz

(1920 - )

Conservative Economist and Cabinet Member under Nixon and Reagan Dream Date

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