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Episode #82 - Season 4, Episode 15

First Aired: January 23, 1986

Title:  Based on the title of a play 'Fool for Love' by Sam Shepard.


Alex grows a moustache as part of his presentation for the Harding High School Homecoming Dance.  Jennifer fills in for Steven (who's out of town) with all the things he does with Elyse (jogging and playing bridge and checkers).  Nick doesn't want to take Mallory to the dance (and says he wouldn't have minded is she'd accepted Skippy's invitation).  Alex fixes Skippy up with Sylvia (played by Suzanne Lederer), an older psychiatrist (who is only going on the date to study Skippy for a research article).  Skippy and Mallory have a talk about all that he's dreamt for his future.


  • Before Alex speaks, a clip of music is heard in the auditorium: "Always on My Mind", but neither that of Willie Nelson nor Pet Shop Boys.


  • Part of this episode is used as a flashback in "The American Family".
  • During Elyse and Jennifer's scene examining Alex's moustache, there is a really young (like Andrew's wailing) laugh in the audience.
  • The subtitles show the doctor's name as "Bogner", but the show's credits only say "Sylvia".  The IMDB credits say "Sylvia Wagner" (as if pronounced German-style).
  • Michael Gross does not appear in this episode.
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