Episode InfoEdit

Episode 56 - Season 3, Episode 12

First Aired: December 6, 1984


The family needs a housekeeper as Elyse is nearing delivery time.  Alex interviews one, Karen Nicholson (played by Geena Davis), and though entirely incompetent, Alex hires her (and falls for her at the same time).  The laundry, the kitchen table, and the china will never be the same, however.  Somehow, she makes it out of the first episode as housekeeper.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Karen has never done laundry before, and it's obvious when Steven's pants shrink to extra small.  Jennifer suggests, "We'll just give them to Alex."
  • Mallory says Karen is like the big sister she never had, and Jennifer says, "Yeah, I feel the same way."
  • A scene is the kitchen is coordinated so well as to only reveal iron burns on their shirts later.
  • The toasts flies out of the toaster and Steven says (holding a piece of toast), "If this had been a Pop-Tart, we'd be dead now."


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