Episode InfoEdit

Episode #46 - Season 3, Episode 2

First Aired: September 27, 1984


The Keatons are going camping, and Jennifer and Steven are much more excited than Alex and Mallory.  Elyse isn't able to go because of her busy work schedule.  She also is feeling ill although her doctor couldn't find anything wrong, until she calls saying Elyse is pregnant (and the only one she can share the news with is Skippy - "We're gonna have a baby!")  The family deals with the news that Elyse is once again pregnant.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Elyse (alone in the kitchen) is trying to find a way to share the news of the baby with Steven: "Steven, do you remember how you've always said that we have the three most wonderful, thoughtful, considerate children in the whole world?"  Just at that moment, Steven bursts into the room soaking wet and says, "Those are the three most selfish, spoiled, inconsiderate children in the world."
  • Steven says, "The last time I changed a diaper, Richard Nixon was President.  I thought I'd seen the last of both of them."
  • Alex buys a stuffed tiger for the baby, and when Elyse pulls the string, it says, "I love Alex."  (Sort of a foreshadow to Andrew in Seasons 5-7).



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