Episode InfoEdit

Episode #105 - Season 5, Episode 15

First Aired: January 22, 1987


Mallory is meeting with a poetry-reading group.  She wants to impress Colin Spencer (played by Jonathan Emerson), a literature graduate student (who is very much interested in her).  Colin offers to show her so much more than Nick could ever offer her, and Mallory is tempted.  Nick becomes concerned that he might lose Mallory to Colin.  Mallory finds out Colin is false, each year repeating such advances with freshman girls.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Names for Andy's new fish:  Steven - "Mr. Fish"; Alex - "Kissinger"; Andy - "Lassie"
  • Names for the companion fish:  Steven - "Bubbles"; Alex - "Agnew"

Poems FeaturedEdit

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