Episode InfoEdit

Episode 51 - Season 3, Episode 7

First Aired: November 1, 1984


Alex is upset that all freshmen are required to take a humanities course.  He decides to volunteer taking calls at a counseling hotline.  He meets an old acquaintance, James Jarrett (played by Jeffrey Joseph), who seems to be a good foil for Alex.  The two are put together as a team.  Alex gets a call from a suicidal caller, who he accidentally hangs up on.  Back on the line, Alex and James spend hours positively counseling the caller.

Course PossibilitiesEdit

  • "Man, Society, Civilizatio, The Universe" - Alex doesn't think he can relate.
  • Steven suggests "Introduction to Abnormal Behavior", to which Jennifer replies, "You can skip the introduction."
  • Mallory suggests Alex take "Psychology 3 - I'm OK, You're OK", to which Alex replies, "First of all, you're not OK".
  • Other choices: "Sociology of the Family", "The Hotline", or "Marriage and the Family"

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Alex says to Mallory, "You know - college.  You might drive past one some day."
  • Alex has a running gag about still getting credit for working the hotline.
  • James uses the code name "Gidget", while Alex uses "Gandhi".


  • Jennifer pulls out a Barbra Steisand lyric: "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world." ("People", from the musical Funny Girl), to which Alex replies, "Jennifer, people who have money don't need people."
  • Alex mentions that the Psychology class is more like The Phil Donahue Show (very popular in the 1980s).
  • James apparently beat Alex in the regional spelling bee in third grade (and Alex has never gotten over it).  Alex claims he only lost because he refused to spell "Democrat".
  • Meredith Baxter Birney does not appear in this episode.  (see explanation).
  • Jeffrey Joseph reprises his role as James Jarrett in "Don't Know Much About History".
  • Sam Whipple, the voice of Bill, appears in the next aired episode "4 Rms Ocn Vu" as Jack Driscoll.
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