Episode InfoEdit

Episode #77 - Season 4, Episode 10

First Aired: December 12, 1985


Alex is experiencing insomnia and he has lots of schoolwork to do.  He is reluctant to share the problem with anyone except Skippy (who has an interesting solution, that doesn't work for Alex).  Once everyone knows, they become concerned (but also very affected) by his condition.


  • While listening to "The Late Night Owl" on WADW, Alex hears Buddy Budson playing "Alone and Blue", at least until the smoke alarm interrupts.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • The running gag about a newly-installed smoke alarm.


  • The series is filled with characters joking about Alex's height, but while walking through the kitchen in the dark, the camera angle makes him look especially short.
  • Pictures in Alex's room: a nice one of the Space Shuttle landing, Richard Nixon, and a huge one of William F. Buckley, Jr. right above Alex's headboard.
  • Steven's assertion that the tryptophan in milk will help Alex sleep is challenged by scientists.  It is claimed that the proteins in milk prevent tryptophan from having a sleep-inducing effect.  (One example)
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