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Episode Info[]

Episode #117 and 118 - Season 5, Episodes 27 and 28

First Aired: August 6, 1987 and August 13, 1987


PART ONE - Jennifer's birthday is coming up and Steven wants to plan a party.  She and her friend Chrissy make plans to try to join the popular girls at school. They invite them to Jennifer's party (and shun some of their usual friends).  They finally agree to come to the party, but social disaster ultimately ensues (especially when the puppet show begins).  In an effort to fit in, Jennifer leaves her own party and goes off with the popular girls. 

PART TWO - The family becomes concerned about all the changes happening in Jennifer's life (especially when she cuts class to go shopping). While Jennifer is home alone (being punished), the cool crowd invites itself over (complete with refreshments and beer).  She has a falling out with them when she expresses her friendship with an old "less cool" friend.

Funny Moments[]

  • Steven and Elyse have trouble reading Jennifer's note (in Valley Speak), and then have a great conversation with her when she comes home.
  • Alex makes a joke about being short.  He asks Jennifer whose shoulders he'll sit on during the game.


  • This two-part episode features Ellen, as it was filmed in Season 4 (credits say 1986).  Andrew is still a baby.
  • Last appearance of 1975 Paramount Television logo.
  • Ellen is wearing a "Mondale - Ferraro" T-shirt (probably filmed a year after the 1984 election).  She gives one to Jennifer and says, "They were on sale."  [Note: Alex's girlfriends tend to be more liberal.  See Lauren's T-shirt in "It Happened One Night".]
  • Ellen and Alex go to the Susan B. Anthony Library
  • Jennifer's oft-spoken-of friend Chrissy (played by Amy Lynne) makes her only appearance.
  • The popular girls talk like Valley Girls (so popular at this time in the 80s).  For example.  (Like..., I would just die ...)
  • According to the filming, this probably was filmed in the winter or spring, so football would not be going on.  However, Steven gets tickets to the Steelers-Bengals game. They played in Cincinnati (Riverfront Stadium) on October 27, 1985.  For the record, the Bengals won 26-21. (The episode reports the score as 31-28 Bengals).  He mentions a Packers game that didn't happen that year.
  • Jennifer says they don't have MTV, but in "Once in Love with Elyse", Mallory wants to watch it.