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Jennifer Keaton is the third child of Elyse and Steven Keaton. Her siblings are older brother Alex, older sister Mallory and younger brother Andrew. She is portrayed as an athletic tomboy as well as an intelligent young woman. She shares her parents' liberal views, in contrast to her siblings’ more conservative views. She is shown to be aggressive, but sweet. She is shown to be jealous at first of Andy, but later cares for him.


She was born in Columbus on Election Day, 1972. Her parents were about to vote for George McGovern when Elyse went into labor and they had to go to the hospital instead. She was delivered by Dr. Rogers.[2]


Physical Description[]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Jennifer attends Randolph Elementary School in the first three seasons.[3] In Season 1, she's on the school's field hockey team.[4]

Season 2[]

In Season 2, Jennifer takes ballet classes.[5] She's on a baseball team called the Leopards.[6] She gets her tonsils taken out this year.[7]

Season 3[]

Andrew Keaton is born, displacing Jennifer as the baby of the family. For a while Jennifer feels so neglected that she wishes Andrew had never been born, but she soon grows to love him as much as the rest of the family does.[8]

In this season Jennifer becomes interested in boys and gets her first boyfriend, Adam Galardner.

Season 4[]

Jennifer starts attending Thomas Dewey Middle School,[9] which she hates at first. After she turns thirteen, she makes an ill-advised attempt to fit in with the popular crowd by changing her entire personality, a phase that lasts about three weeks.[10][11]

Jennifer starts piano lessons after her parents threaten to make her do an extra hour of chores every week.[12] She also works as a babysitter.[13]

Season 5[]

By this point Jennifer has been in at least three bands with her friends: Keaton and the Kazoos, the New Keaton Minstrels, and Keaton and Garfunkel. As of March 1987, she's the frontwoman of The Permanent Waves.

Season 6[]

Jennifer starts attending Harding High School.

Season 7[]

At sixteen, Jennifer gets her learner's permit.[14] She and Simon Wickerson start working at Chicken Heaven for a school paper about entering the workforce. Jennifer is promoted to assistant manager, but Simon is fired.[15]




Her favorite color is purple.[16]