Episode InfoEdit

Episode #111 - Season 5, Episode 21

First Aired: March 5, 1987


WKS has decided to award a $2500 scholarship to a child of a WKS employee.  Mallory is initially against applying, but eventually she decides to present a new line of clothing for business women.  Each has to give a presentation in front of the scholarship committee (and both do an excellent job).  Alex finds out early that he won the scholarship, but decides to withdraw from the competition when he sees how excited Mallory is at doing a good presentation.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Andy is coloring (with Nick's help) in a "Republican Heroes" coloring book.  Nick suggests he give Ronald Reagan a yellow mohawk, to which Alex protests intensely.  Andy replies, "You're right.  He's in enough trouble." (said right about the time of the Iran-Contra Scandal)


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