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Mallory Keaton is a fictional character on the American television sitcom Family Ties, which aired on NBC for seven seasons, from 1982 to 1989. Mallory is a bright girl but she is often looked down at by her older brother Alex. Mallory's teachers believe she has the potential to be as smart as her big brother.


According to A Christmas Story, Mallory was born in Berkeley in 1967, presumably late in the year, since she graduates high school in 1986. However, according to A Tale of Two Cities: Part 2, Elyse found out she was pregnant with Mallory while she was shopping for wallpaper for their new house in Columbus in April 1968.

Either way, by the time Jennifer was born in late 1972, the family had moved to Columbus, Ohio.[3] Mallory was jealous of baby Jennifer at first, but she eventually grew to love her and to realize that there was enough love for all of them.[4]

Mallory wrote poetry in elementary school.[5][6] At one point Trudy Harris tried to give her piano lessons, but Mallory was too tone-deaf.[7]


Mallory is intelligent, but she struggles with schoolwork and anything else that doesn't relate to her interests: fashion and boys. She often comes across as a ditz.

Physical Description[]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

During the first four seasons, Mallory is a student at Harding High School. Late in Season 1, she starts dating Jeff Wakefield.

Season 2[]

Mallory breaks up with Jeff Wakefield. She takes driving lessons from Alex and Steven, but does so badly that Steven vows never to get into a car with her again.

Season 3[]

Mallory gets a job working as a saleswoman at a clothing store under Mrs. Willis. Her parents almost make her quit so she can focus more on schoolwork, but change their mind at the last minute.[8] As of Don't Know Much About History, she has finally gotten her driver's license after her third road test. She could have passed the second road test if the examiner hadn't been thrown from the car. She takes ballet this season.[9]

In Family Ties Vacation, Mallory travels to London with her family and has a summer romance with William Clive-Hopkins.

Season 4[]

In this season, Mallory starts dating Nick Moore. They've been seeing each other for three weeks at the time Nick meets Steven and Elyse in Mr. Wrong. Mallory's parents strongly disapprove of the relationship and briefly ban her and Nick from dating, but in the end they realize that Mallory is almost an adult and is ready to make her own decisions, no matter how strongly they disagree with them.

Mallory starts applying to colleges. At first she plans to quit school at the end of the year and work at the clothing store full time, but her parents and Nick persuade her to give college a try for at least a year. She narrowly avoids flunking history, which would have prevented her from graduating high school.

Season 5[]

Mallory starts attending Grant College, majoring in Undeclared - Arts and Clothes.[10] She likes college a lot better than high school,[11] although she still struggles with the work.[12] She joins a sorority.[13]

Mallory wins the WKS scholarship contest, earning a $2500 scholarship for herself, by designing a line of comfortable, feminine clothes for the working woman.

Season 6[]

As of this season, Mallory's major is fashion design.[14] She is a member of Gamma Delta Gamma, presumably the sorority from the previous season.[15]

Mallory is chosen as the advice columnist for the Columbus Shoppers' Guide.[16] She briefly works at WKS, but finds it deathly dull and makes major mistakes like mixing in her fashion reports with news reports, and playing footage of monkeys while Steven is talking about the president. She quits after a few days.[17] She also runs for school president, with Alex P. Keaton as her campaign manager and Amy Sussman as campaign treasurer, but she loses to Marsha Elkins.[18]

Season 7[]

Mallory gets an apprenticeship at David Campbell Fashions, the top fashion design firm in Ohio. Mallory works long hours, has to be on call at all times, and doesn't get paid, but she doesn't mind any of that. However, she is shocked by how cutthroat the fashion world turns out to be.[19]

Mallory gets her first car. She and Nick plan to go on a road trip around the country.[20]




  • She's allergic to dogs.[21]