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Episode #116 - Season 5, Episode 26

First Aired: July 23, 1987


Mallory is having a string of failures since she broke up with Rick (remember him from "Ready or Not" - Season 2).  Alex decides to borrow Jennifer's computer to try to find a perfect match for Mallory.  The lucky candidate is Roger Sloate (played by Bill Allen), but will Mallory like him?  She's not really interested in him but agrees to see him a second time as long as Alex doubles with them with Tracey (played by Eli Marder).  Roger ends up being more attracted to Tracey than to Mallory.


  • This episode was filmed during either Season 3 or 4.  The opening credits are the ones with the artist painting (seasons 2-3).
  • Alex mentions the new James Bond film.  If this episode was filmed in Season 4 (1985-1986), he is probably referring to A View to a Kill (released May 22, 1985).  For the record, Roger hated the movie, and Mallory loved it (the first sign they might not be compatible).
  • Steven and Elyse become obsessed with computer sports games.
  • Mallory is supposedly almost 17 in this episode which is incorrect since Mallory is in college.
  • Previous episodes on Season 5 show her dating Nick.
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