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Episode Info[]

Episode #133 - Season 6, Episode 15

First Aired: December 20, 1987


To help Skippy out, Alex gets a job at the mall as Santa Claus during the Christmas season (with Mallory and Jennifer as elves). He quickly recognizes his potential paycheck.  He is moved when he meets a girl whose Christmas wish he can't fulfill.  And then he meets someone that restores his Christmas spirit.

Funny Moments[]

  • Singing "Jingle Bells", Andy throws in two (seemingly impromptu) "Hey"s (like he's always sung it probably), and then he just about cracks up.  As Steven joins the song, Andy looks out (as if at a director).
  • Nick gives Steven a hug during the singing (and Steven kisses him and jumps away quickly)
  • "Don't lay a hand on me. Jacoby and Meyers is right across the mall." - Eddie to Alex