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Episode Info[]

Episode #70 - Season 4, Episode 3

First Aired: October 17, 1985


Mallory brings home a new boyfriend, Nick Moore, an environmental artist. The family reacts less than positively toward him. Steven forbids Mallory from seeing Nick. Then as a compromise, Steven and Elyse invite Nick to dinner to try to get to know him better.

Funny Moments[]

  • Elyse tries to get Andrew to eat by showing him how Alex loves to eat.
  • Mallory says, "Don't mind Alex, he's a little strange", to which Nick replies, "Ah, he's alright. He's a cute little guy." (See Nick and Alex page).
  • Nick says, "I'm not no Charles Bronson."  (not sure who exactly he was going for there).
  • Steven tells Nick: "We don't not want you to stop not seeing her.  Not in any way."
  • At dinner, Steven asks Nick how he became interested in environmental art, and the following exchange occurs:
    • NICK (simply): "I don't know."
    • STEVEN: "I see, can you expand on that?"
    • NICK: "I.......don't......know."
    • STEVEN: "Um, very good. Getting back to the topic of school-"
    • MALLORY: "No, Dad. Nick wasn't finished. You interrupted him."
    • STEVEN: "Sorry, Nick, didn't mean to cut you off there. What was it you were going to say after 'I......don't.......know'?"
    • NICK: "I.......don't......remember."