Episode Info Episode #158 - Season 7, Episode 14

First Aired: February 19, 1989


Steven and Elyse compete to see who's a better driving instructor for Jennifer.  Meanwhile, Skippy brings Darlene (played by Maura Tierney), a girl he met the same day, to meet the Keatons.  Because he's discouraged, Lauren decides to find Skippy the right girl.  He falls for Lauren, but eventually she finds Pippi (played by Karyn O'Bryan), though Skippy doesn't pay any attention to her.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • A simulated driving experience in the kitchen.  As he often does, Steven has great pantomime.  Great physical comedy from all four.


  • As in "The Wrecker's Ball ", Alex and Steven exchange small jokes in the kitchen.
  • While Skippy and Mallory are talking, it appears that there's a large tear in the back of the sleeve of Skippy's coat. ("Wardrobe!")
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