Episode InfoEdit

Episode #99 - Season 5, Episode 9

First Aired: November 20, 1986


Alex has all kinds of fraternity activities going (for which he also dresses up Andrew -Theta Pi Sigma style).  Mallory has been asked to pledge six sororities.  Alex does some legwork to get Skippy introduced to his fraternity brothers at Grant College, and they decide to let Skippy pledge the fraternity.  Unfortunately, the brothers really just want to humiliate Skippy.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Alex asks Andrew to tell the family what everyone calls him on campus.  Andrew pauses, "Um ... a pompous fool."  (Absolutely not what you expect, as Alex usually sets Andrew up with lines that praise his big brother.)
  • Elyse is concerned about Andrew being at the fraternity house, but Alex insists he saw good things there.  When questioned, Andrew reports that he saw "Girls. Beer."
  • Skippy had no luck with the fraternities, but some cult groups are interested in him.
  • The "Theta Pi" handshake.
  • Steven asks Elyse if his poem is good, and Andrew says, "I don't like it."  Steven snaps back, "Is your name Elyse?"  Andrew gives the greatest frown (twice).


  • Jennifer's poem: "The gray world spins.  We are adrift in the empy universe. Lost. Depressed. Nothing in sight. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing."  (see another poem by Jennifer in "Double Date".
  • Steven's poem: "So off he went to bluer sky, to sing a song or play a game.  But 'ere he went, he turned to cry, Robin Red Breast is my name.  Can you guess, or have you heard, my little friend is but a bird." (They used to called him "Iambic Pentameter" Keaton.)
  • Jennifer's second effort (after Steven's advice): "I looked down at the car and felt depressed.  For under the tire lay Robin Red Breast."
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