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Episode Info[]

Episode #102 - Season 5, Episode 12

First Aired: December 18, 1986


Mallory's friend Allison (played by Robin Morse), studying to be an architect, finds common ground with Elyse, to the point that Mallory feels neglected.

Funny Moments[]

  • Scrabble is the game of the episode.  Steven, Alex, Jennifer, and Andy all have shots at spelling the best words.  Steven apparently cannot play without getting out of control, and Andy can't even spell.  Regardless, here are some of their offerings:


Who? Word Chosen Notes
Jennifer CAT
Alex LEXICON Allison, a Grant College suggests he could have spelled XENOPHOBIA on a triple-word score
Steven ZOQUO (from the Greek meaning "water sports") Jennifer reports that they had to give this word to Steven and "promise to use it often in casual conversation".  Jennifer says she's going to go down to the Y and ZOQUO her brains out.
Steven He passes because he has a Q and can't find a U to help play it on the board.  Jennifer reports that Alex hoards all the U tiles so that whoever gets the Q can't play it.
Alex UUSHNU (from the Greek meaning "to towel off") Steven had asked what kind of word someone could spell with three U tiles.  Steven demands he use the word in a sentence, to which Alex replies, "After I zoquo, I like to uushnu."
Alex XYPHOID in a later game with an unseen partner (who we later find out to be Andy)

Alex challenges, to which Andy replies, "Look it up," handing him a dictionary.

Jennifer removes Andy from the game saying Andy can't even spell.

Alex tries to get Mallory to play by letting her use rock groups, slang, and misspelled words.  She refuses.
The episode ends with one final game between Alex and Steven.  Alex says, "One game, double or nothing. If I win, I get the deed to the house."  Steven nods in agreement.



  • Some of the issues between Elyse and Mallory are similarly dealt with in "This Year's Model".