Not With My Sister You Don't
Season 1, Episode 2
Not With My Sister You Dont
Air date September 29, 1982
Production code 004
Written by Lloyd Garver
Directed by Tony Mordente
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I Know Jennifer's Boyfriend

Not With My Sister You Don't is the second episode of the first season of Family Ties. It aired on September 29, 1982.

Plot Edit

Steven and Elyse leave the kids alone for the weekend when they visit friends, Ron and Suzanne Davis.  Steven and Ron become very competitive, much to the dislike of their wives.  Alex throws a party at the house, which quickly gets out of hand.  Mallory falls for one of the womanizing guests, which Alex tries to prevent. Mallory shows she's able to take care of herself with boys.

Quotes Edit

Alex: Let's just say he might not be a gentleman with Mallory.
Jennifer: You mean if he burps he won't say, "Excuse me"?
Alex: Right, right.  That's exactly what I mean.

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