Episode InfoEdit

Episode #103 and 104 - Season 5, Episodes 13 and 14

First Aired: January 8 and January 15, 1987


Steven's brother Rob (played by Norman Parker) visits and announces that his marriage to Maureen (played by Julie Cobb) is over.  In addition, he begins dating a woman he met on the flight.  Many issues arise about the fragility of relationships, and different than most sugar-sweet sitcom episodes, all the problems are not resolved by the end of the show.


Andy:  Is she my Aunt Maureen, or isn't she?


Aunt Maureen says that she want to get a chance to talk to Andy, to which he replies:  Me, too.  [long pause with puzzled look]  Who are you?


Elyse: With Maureen and Rob split up, I think we are the only couple from the old group still together.

Steven (sighing): Remember Charlotte and Eddie?

Elyse: Yeah.  They split up.

Steven:  Oh, that's a little different, though.  Charlotte realized she was gay.

Elyse (agreeing):  Mitch and Denise.

Steven: Split.  Denise realized she was gay.

Elyse: Charlotte and Denise.

Steven:  They're still together.


Funny MomentsEdit

  • Throughout the two-part episode, Alex and Andy have a running gag of removing labels off of canned foods.  They are confronted by Elyse about it, but to no avail.  To explain his actions, Andy suggests they tell their mom that robbers broke in and stole the labels.
  • As boys, Rob used to torture Steven by making him listen to the song "Old Shep".  Steven pulls out the album and listens to it again, and this time Alex is emotionally affected by it as well.


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