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Episode 58 - Season 3, Episode 13

First Aired: January 3, 1985

Title:  Probably a play on the song "Donna" (popularized by Ritchie Valens).


Alex meets an unwed mother, Donna Barros (played by Isabelle Walker) at a Lamaze class held at the Keaton's.  He becomes emotionally attached to Donna and her situation.  Elyse is very supportive, but Steven doesn't think it's a good idea.  Donna finally slows Alex's forward progress on this matter.


  • The (minus Alex) goes to see the movie La Guerre Est Finie, and Mallory protests saying, "Subtitles?  I hate reading a movie!"
  • Alex, eager to take on fatherly roles, says to Donna: "I was thinking about nursery schools.  Now, I don't think we should send him to one that pushes academics."  Strange, but he feels differently when his brother Andrew goes to preschool in "Be True to Your Preschool".
  • Mallory confesses to being in love with Boy George (very popular at the time).
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