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Episode Info[]

Episode #90 - Season 4, Episode 23

First Aired: May 8, 1986


Four weeks to graduation, and Mallory is in danger of flunking history and not graduating. She needs a "B" on the final exam. Mallory realizes that her future is on the line as she buckles down and studies for her exam.  Eventually she gets to wear the graduation dress that Elyse wore years before.

Funny Moments[]

  • While cleaning junk out of the attic, Alex finds his "House Un-American Activities" coloring book (obviously celebrating his anti-Communist beliefs) and his Richard Nixon lunch box.
  • Mallory credits the warm weather with her bad grades, to which Alex replies that Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in July (while the other Founding Fathers were at the beach).
  • Steven says: "Getting all upset isn't going to help, Elyse."  Then watch what he does!
  • Nick mistakenly calls a diploma a "pigskin", and surprisingly Mallory is able to correct him.


  • Parts of this episode are used as a flashback in "The American Family".
  • Terry Wills appears in one of his seven episodes of the show.
  • Skippy has to choose between two quotes for the yearbook.  Either: 1) "Each man must pursue justice, for only through justice is he truly free..."; or 2) "Yabba-Dabba-Doo".  The source of the first is unknown, but the second is from the great philosopher of our time, Fred Flintstone.
  • Mallory mentions that she is going to "Grant Junior College".
  • One of the questions on her history final was about the Louisiana Purchase, a topic also covered in "Cold Storage" (and it appears Mallory hasn't learned that much since).