Episode InfoEdit

Episode # 101 - Season 5, Episode 11

First Aired: December 11, 1986


Alex and Dr. Lloyd Rhodes, Professor of Economics at Leland University, have been working on a ground-breaking article that will be published once Alex makes the final corrections.  Upon doing so, he realizes that the data they've collected does not support their hypothesis, and the paper is meaningless.  When Alex confronts Dr. Rhodes (played by Mason Adams) with this information, he responds with a speech about how education has changed and how publications are the most important aspect of college teaching these days.  He tells Alex he will not try to publish the paper, but he tells the dean the opposite.

Alex is to be the emcee at the banquet where the Economics Department awards are presented (one of which, The Wilson Award, Alex had hoped to win before the article collapsed) and where the professors share their latest research articles.  Dr. Rhodes has decided to present the paper even with its flaws.  When the time comes, however, he chooses integrity over academic fame and tells the department what happened with the research.

Funny MomentsEdit

Throughout the episode, different characters, while making their points, ask Steven, "Do you know what this means?"  He tries to answer correctly the first time, but finds the folly in even trying as the episode goes on.

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