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Pilot is the first episode of the Season 1 of Family Ties and the first episode of the series overall. It originally aired on NBC September 22, 1982.


Alex is interested in a rich girl from school named Kimberly Blanton (played by Cindy Fisher).  He tries to impress her with his own stories of affluence (none of which are true).  The real trouble begins when Kimberly invites Alex to the elitist Carlton Country Club that has restrictions on its membership. Steven and Elyse (as children of the '60s) try to stop Alex from going on moral grounds, but Alex isn't interested in such arguments. He and Steven have a discussion to help them understand each other. Steven reveals that he did work for the conservative Richard Nixon for a couple of weeks in 1960 (all because of a girl, Sandra Fudderman - similar to Alex in "Ladies' Man").


Jennifer (watching slides of her parents at a 1960s protest): Mommy, you look so pretty, like an Indian princess. Elyse: That's your father, dear.

Steven (when Alex is excited that the club will bring the phone to him): That'll come in handy for you in case Eliot Janeway calls.

Alex (clashing with his parents' 1960s protest values): I just want to go a party, Mom, I don't want to change the world.