Episode Info Episode #137 and 138 - Season 6, Episodes 19 and 20

First Aired: February 7 and February 14, 1988


Part I - Jennifer has to do a book report for English class.  She wants to do the report on Huckleberry Finn, but the book has been banned by the school board.  Steven and Elyse get involved as they deal with censorship issues.  Jennifer decides she wants to do the report despite school board objections, and she has a direct confrontation with her teacher (played by Christian Clemenson ) and the principal (played by Bibi Besch ).  She faces suspension from school.

Part II - The family has a meeting with the principal. Because she is unwilling to back down, she is officially suspended.  Jennifer's teacher (though publicly in agreement with the school board) is supportive of her position. The family hires a lawyer to fight the school board.  The school board hears opposition and decides to reconsider the issue.  Meanwhile, the teachers stand up to get Jennifer's suspension revoked.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Everyone's enjoying Steven's reading of Huckleberry Finn, except for Mallory (who, of course, is more concerned with the phone)
  • Alex gives three extended responses (political and legal) and the family responses
  • Two of Jennifer's classmates (Jill and Martin) doing their reports on the life of Yogi Berra (see below)
  • "Is Yogi Berra related to Yogi Bear?  And, if so, how?"


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